The EVA material is a composite polymer material (ethylene vinyl acetate). This is a modern, light, environmentally friendly and hygienic material, which has found wide application in various spheres of life, including the manufacture of shoes. Our boots are made of this material. Why do we consider this material practical and suitable for hunting and fishing boots?


It is known that water passes from one state to another easily: from ice and snow to water and back. Even at low temperatures, water may accumulate on the ice of water bodies. It may protrude from crevices in the ice or from holes made by fishermen, or gather under a thick mass of snow, where the temperature is close to zero.

Therefore, it is very important that the shoes in which a person goes into the forest or to the river are waterproof even on a frosty day. 

Boots made of EVA material are absolutely waterproof. Not only because the material EVA is a polymer, but also because the boots are molded entirely and have no seams - neither welded nor sewn.


The main advantage of the EVA material is its lightness. It is much lighter than other materials used in the manufacture of tourist equipment, like rubber or PVC. For example, a Torvi T -60° C boot size 44 without an insert weighs only 540 grams (or 820 grams with an insert). The exact same empty PVC boot weighs 1,200 grams. Feel the difference!

EVA has a porous structure. It is filled with microscopic air bubbles. And this contributes not only to lightness, but also creates excellent thermal insulation.


Important advantages of the EVA material are elasticity and resilience. Therefore, it has found wide application in footwear manufacture, including orthopedic. Boots from EVA are soft and show excellent shock-absorbing properties, which are preserved at low temperatures. In such shoes the legs are less tired, it is comfortable to walk in such footwear.

Also this material has a high wear resistance. It retains its properties in places of constant deformation - it neither cracks nor damages. Therefore, shoes made of EVA will last for a long time.

The production area for casting the EVA

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