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Designed for catching large and medium predatory fish on reservoirs with small current
  • Material
  • Diameter
    15 cm
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Torvi fishing circle is made of EVA material. It is light and flexible, does not break and does not crack, returns to its original shape after deformation.

Torvi fishing circle is the only one in Russia that is produced from EVA material on an industrial scale, unlike handicraft analogs made from foam plastic.

It is covered with bright fluorescent paint, which is perfectly visible on the water, even with strong sun glare. The same fluorescent pigment is also present on the plastic flag.

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Thanks to the ideal 3d modeled geometric shape and the EVA material, the circle is perfectly fixed on the water surface like suction cup. This vacuum suction effect eliminates false turns. 

The Torvi EVA fishing circle is sold unequipped in an individual box of 10 pcs. The consumer will be able to equip it himself, depending on the tasks.

Equipment sponsor of the Russian national team in fishing sport