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EVA Short Training Flippers
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TORVI short training flippers made of EVA are intended for:

strength training in the pool

snorkeling (swimming under the water with a mask and snorkel),

freediving (snorkeling while holding the breath),

honing of swimming technique by beginners,

amateur swimming in the pool and open water.

Unlike the traditional design of flippers, in TORVI flippers the blade is located on top of the foot and is bent so that it effectively develops the flexibility of the ankle joint, increases the amplitude and strength of the stroke, develops and strengthens leg, back and abdomen muscles.

Blade of TORVI flipper has optimal rigidity and flexibility, which allows creating powerful enough thrust in water. And at the same time, the guide ribs of the blade let water in, reduce the pressure difference and stabilize the vortex flows.

The shortened form of TORVI flippers allows the legs to work at a fast pace, provides high speed and maneuverability and resistance sufficient for effective training.

The flippers are made of EVA material, so they are light, resilient and elastic. EVA material does not cause allergies, does not absorb odors, is resistant to chlorine and ultraviolet rays, floats well, is softer and more elastic than rubber.

TORVI short flippers have a well-thought-out ergonomic design with a comfortable shoe, the location of the foot in them is comfortably fixed. The flippers are easy to stretch and tightly fit the foot. They are easy to remove and wear. Elastic material does not rub the skin. The sole protector provides a reliable grip with different surfaces - side of the pool, sand, pebbles. The location of the flipper blade over the foot allows you to walk without removing the flippers.

TORVI flippers are lightweight, do not take up much space and are therefore convenient for travelling.

TORVI training flippers are ideal for swimmers of any level - those who learn to float, who want to work on increasing speed and endurance, who are engaged in fitness, keeping themselves in good physical shape by swimming.

We wish you to achieve your goals and enjoy swimming!!

Equipment sponsor of the Russian national team in fishing sport