Catalogue accessories

Fisherman and hunter, just like any lover of outdoor activities, must carefully consider their equipment. While choosing clothes and shoes do not forget about the accessories. If they are chosen correctly, you will be provided with a comfortable outdoor recreation time. The TORVI brand offers a variety of fishing and hunting headwear - earflaps, caps. They will reliably protect the head from cold and wind in the winter and will rescue from the scorching sunshine in the summer.


Winter caps manufactured by TORVI are thought out to the smallest detail. They are designed in such a way to make spending time outdoors comfortable. Caps and hats under the TORVI brand do not narrow and do not obstruct the view. They are sewn from materials that provide water resistance and wind breaking features, and at the same time do not interfere with air circulation. Being outdoors for a long time, you risk getting caught by rain or heavy snow - but in TORVI headdresses your head will remain dry and your ears will not be chilled through. Only popular models of caps with earflaps and baseball caps for fishing and hunting are presented at our website. You can easily find the right option.


The TORVI brand offers its customers spare liners for TORVI T-40C and T-60C models, as well as for TORVI Liman and TORVI Universal models.

Liners consist of several layers of various structure and purpose of materials, that keep feet warm. Liners are a necessary thing, and it is better to purchase several items, then you will have an opportunity to take a spare set outdoors.

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