Happy New Year 2024!
Happy New Year 2024!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Tula Region Fishing Federation Cup 2023
Tula Region Fishing Federation Cup 2023

On December 16, 2023, the Cup of the Fishing Sports Federation of the Tula region was held in Tula on the Voronka River.


In the village of Milovka

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Welcome to the Torvi shoes website!

Everyone knows that there must be several types of waterproof shoes in the wardrobe of a modern person: in the event of summer rain and for autumn slush, and even for walking on a frosty winter day.

For all these occasions, Torvi shoes come in handy - waterproof, lightweight, warm and elastic.

Shoes are made of modern EVA material, therefore inherit its excellent consumer properties.

The EVA Torvi shoes are warm and light because EVA has a foam structure, i.e. contains microscopic air bubbles.

Torvi shoes are elastic, they buffer when walking and regain shape during reverse deformation. And even under the influence of body heat shoes adapt to the features of the foot as well as leather shoes. But, unlike leather shoes, it does not require special care.

Finally, the EVA Torvi shoes are hygienic, as the material itself does not contribute to the development of fungi and other microorganisms.

A range of comfortable and practical shoes are manufactured under the Torvi brand. For example, in Torvi City boots you are should not be scared of autumn and spring slush and night frosts.

And wearing the shoes of Torvi hunting and fishing shoe line, the engaged consumer will find excellent options for outdoor activities throughout the year.

Prior to producing Torvi shoes, we explore current global trends in the footwear industry and accumulate everything that can be useful for the Russian consumer for our models. And the important thing is that we design a shoe for the Russian foot - wide with high instep. And we produce Torvi shoes here - in our country.

Pay attention to the well-thought-out details of the external design of Torvi shoes, the cleanliness of the molding and the quality of tailoring of textile parts.

Watch the video on how the new Italian equipment for EVA casting works, how we sew liners and cuffs. You will assure yourself that we produce high-quality and comfortable shoes!

LLC Production Company MAKA

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Equipment sponsor of the Russian national team in fishing sport