Catalogue casual shoes

Casual shoes are diverse. Light sandals are needed for summer, warm boots – for winter, and wet weather implies waterproof shoes.

All people often or occasionally need waterproof shoes - this is an axiom.

Otherwise, how will a person leave home on a rainy autumn day? He, of course, can wear leather shoes. But leather shoes are easy to spoil and their genuine look can hardly be returned! Therefore, for the event of rain, slush or even frost, there are Torvi waterproof shoes.

Torvi waterproof shoes are made from lightweight, warm and elastic EVA material. It is completely waterproof and hygienic. Shoes are comfortable to wear, easy to spring when walking and require no demanding care.

The shoe for EVA waterproof footwear is designed with a wide foot and a high instep in mind. And the Torvi boot thread has enough depth for excellent grip on the ground. For removing the moisture that may occur in the cast shoes, cells are provided at the bottom of the shoes for its collection.

If it is raining outside and the temperature is around 0 ° C, you can safely wear Torvi City boots and no rain or cold would bother you. Or if you need to do some chores in the garden or go to the forest to pick mushrooms, put on Torvi waterproof boots. They are lightweight, elastic and equipped with a reinforced TPE sole.

We are sure that you will feel the comfort and enjoy the functionality of waterproof Torvi shoes.

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