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On January 5 and 6, 2020, the third international Baikal Open Tournament Ice Fishing “BOTIF-2020” was held on Lake Baikal in Mukhor Bay.

The tournament was attended by 21 teams, - one team from Moscow, one from the Republic of Buryatia, three teams from Mongolia, and the rest from the Irkutsk region.

This event is one of the most significant events for all fishing enthusiasts of the northern region. A varied program, from fast-drilling relay to master-classes conducted by famous fishers, did not let the participants get bored during the whole event.

“BOTIF is a unique tournament, a lot of impressions for good people who are keen on fishing, with a thrill of fishing, unique rules, an excellent prize pool, including the TORVI brand shoes, and all this happening on Lake Baikal!

Competition results are the following:

First tour:

1st place - Mongolia, "Naizuud" - weight of 5`578 gr.

2nd place - Irkutsk, "Wild River" - weight of 5`254 gr.

3rd place - Mongolia, "Nomads 1" - weight of 5`181 gr.

Second round:

1st place - Mongolia, "Naizuud" - weight of 12`225 gr.

2nd place - Mongolia, "Nomads 2" – weight of 8`844 gr.

3rd place - Ulan-Ude, "GTA" - weight of 8`206 gr.

And the victory was distributed as follows:

1st place - the “Naizuud” (Mongolia), - 10 points with the total weight of the team for 2 rounds - 17803 gr.

2nd place - the GTA team (Ulan-Ude, Buryatia), - 19 points with the total weight of the team for 2 rounds - 12335 gr.

3rd place - the “Wild River” team (Irkutsk), - 19 points and the total weight of the team for 2 rounds - 11862 gr.

We congratulate the BOTIF-2020 Winners and wish them success next year!

Equipment sponsor of the Russian national team in fishing sport