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Klevoe Mesto Sport Fishing Club Cup 2019

On September 28, 2019 in the Moscow region, Elektrougli, on the Kamensky pond, the Cup of Klevoe Mesto Sport Fishing Club was held for spin fishing from the shore.

According to the assurances of the participants, although “you can see where the fish is” - the Kamensky pond seems simple – there were many bites, but actually catching the fish was not that easy.

Congratulations to the winners:

1st place: Abashin Vitaliy Vyacheslavovich

2nd place: Pavel Rashidovich Utornikov

3rd place: Syrkov Ivan Andreevich.

The winners were awarded with the TM Torvi products.

You can watch the video of the competition on out YouTube channel

Torvi спосорство

Equipment sponsor of the Russian national team in fishing sport