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The results of 5 tournaments competition fishing "Pike Hunt" are finalized. The winner became known during the final competition. The best pike hunter is Konstantin Presnov. TM Torvi congratulates the winner!

The “Pike Hunt” tournament series is an absolutely new direction of competitions in amateur and sport fishing! Competitions are held according to the rules of sport fishing with spinning from the shore, in the "catch-release" format. “Pike Hunt” is an alternative to trout tournaments, but at a much lower cost to the participants, which undoubtedly contributes to the popularization of this event.

In 2018, 5 stages of the competition were successfully completed with assignment of sports categories to participants.

Thanks to Dmitry Levchenko's film “Pike Hunt”, which became the bronze winner of the XIII “Atlant” film festival of sports films in the “Best news item on sports” nomination, this event received a great response from public opinion and was actively covered in forums and on television channels. For example, on the "Hunting and Fishing" TV channel in the “Fishing with desire” program by Stanislav Radzishevsky.

TM Torvi from the very beginning actively supported the organizers of this event, RK "Cool place" and hopes that next year the Piker Hunt will also receive acknowledgement

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