On September 15, on the waters of the "Gzhelka" fish farm, the third round of the "Pike Hunt" tournament series took place.

People enjoy hot summer and warm autumn, but not pike - the toothy queen of our water bodies.

At this water temperature, the predator is completely passive. Our pike hunters had to exert maximum efforts and show maximum skills in this uneasy duel.

All four periods were showing very tense struggle with rivals, the participants tried the whole arsenal of their lures, and the most experienced ones were able to pick up the key to the inactive pike.

The intrigue remained until the 4th period.

The leader of the first two periods - Konstantin Presnov, breaking away from his closest rivals, but receiving only one zero in the third period, was unable to climb the podium and took 4th place.

The luck this time was on the side of the most persistent participants who managed to cope with their nerves, heat and toothy rival.

Bronze medal of the 3rd round with a total of 48.5 seats was won by Dmitry Tsyganov.

Second place with a total of 38 places was taken by Andrei Bezobrazov

And the winner of the 3rd round was Alexey Bilyukin, with a total of 30.5 seats.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners.




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