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A redesign of the packaging

Dear partners!

Torvi brand has redesigned the individual packaging of winter boots:

T-25S, T-45S and T-60S.

The new design is based on the idea of a community of like-minded people-lovers of hunting, fishing and outdoor activities. People who protect nature and value their heritage.

The new packaging symbolizes the seriousness of the company's attitude to its customers. TM Torvi aims to become a more vivid and visible element of modern human life of a new formation, combining knowledge of modern technologies and love for wildlife. Black-and-white animalistic drawing, reminds of the beauty and fragility of the world around us, and graphic pictograms and additional elements, about the environmentally-engineering solution used in the production of products.

The redesign will take place in stages. Therefore, in the winter season of 2020-21, it is possible to complete packages in one group box with both the old and new design.

Group boxes will remain unchanged.

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