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New! Boots with EVA +PU Torvi T -40 С

We present to your attention a new product-Eva boots+PU Torvi T -40 °C with EVA boot and molded polyurethane (PU) sole.

Boots are designed for fishing, hunting and other active activities in the cold season, when reliable protection from external influences is necessary. Comfortable modern boots are equipped with a non-slip polyurethane sole. PU (polyurethane) material is stronger than EVA. It has a little more weight, but allows the shoe to be more resistant to mechanical damage.

Boots with EVA+PU Torvi T-40 °C perfectly keep their shape, do not" sit down " over time, do not crack and do not break in the cold or during prolonged use. The ergonomic design of the boots is suitable not only for outdoor activities, but also fits perfectly into the urban environment.

The great advantage of Torvi PU -40 °C boots is that they can be equipped with the spikes themselves if necessary. On the sole there are technological recesses for self-sharpening of the sole. And although the sole of the EVA+PU Torvi T-40 °C boots has a fairly large area and a very clear tread for walking on slippery surfaces, it is easy to convert it into a studded one.

Waterproof cuffs with utyazhka on the high top provide additional tightness of the boots.And even if you fall into the stream with your feet, there is every chance that your feet will remain completely dry and you will not have to dry your socks and save your feet from frostbite.

Equipment sponsor of the Russian national team in fishing sport