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Start of the “Pike Hunt” Tournament Series 2019

The spring stage of the Pike Hunt 2019 series of tournaments started on April 21 in the Ramensky fish farm "Gzhelka"! It must be said that these pike catching competitions in the in the "Catch-let go" format are unique in nature, since such are not held anywhere else in Russia! For three years now, the Klevoe Mesto RSK has been the organizer and the ideological developer of the Pike Hunt. This year, “Pike Hunt” underwent a number of changes: the first tournament was preceded by a qualifying round, as a result of which 45 people were selected for the main game, taking the first forty places, according to the rating table. The weather on the competition day was comfortable, the participants fought for glory, the pike dictated its tough and clever rules of the game, but Mikhail Prusakov became the winner!


The Pike Hunt tournaments are a new word in fishing sports and are held with qualifications up to the first category.


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