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Life jacket TORVI

To improve human safety on the water
  • Average height
    60 cm
  • Average weight
    500 g
  • Buoyancy level
    100 N
  • Lining color
    orange, lemon
  • Upper material
  • Lining material
  • Package contents
    vest, whistle
  • Weight category
    40-50 kg, 70-90 kg, 90-110 kg, 120-150 kg
  • S-M
  • L-XL
  • XL-XXL

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When going fishing, hunting or walking along the river, you should know that a life jacket must be provided for every person on board the vessel.

The TM Torvi life jacket is a universal, reliable means of rescue on the water. It is a special protective element of clothing for every person on board a swimming vehicle, regardless of its size. You can buy a life jacket for fishing, hunting or just walking around the pond. The vest is great for equipping small vessels, including inflatable boats, recreation and water sports. The TM Torvi life jacket is characterized by numerous advantages:

- comfort while wearing;

- simple design for quick putting on the product in case of force majeure;

- protects against injury when jumping into the water;

- increased strength of the manufacturing material (Oxford fabric);

- resistance to mechanical influences, including punctures;

- high buoyancy for reliable retention of a person on the water;

- equipped with a signal whistle;

- bright reflective elements;

- high collar that protects from the piercing wind and splashes.

The TM Torvi life jacket is a multifunctional and versatile model, it is incredibly reliable in an extreme situation, allows you to feel comfortable while swimming, so you can count on it under any circumstances.

Equipment sponsor of the Russian national team in fishing sport