TORVI T -45° C EVA BOOTS with TPE Sole



EVA boots (Thermo boots) with a multi-layer replaceable liner
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  • 40/41
  • 42
  • 43
  • 44
  • 45
  • 46
Explore the world in comfort!
  • Suitable for extremely cold weather conditions
  • Solid waterproof boots
  • Multilayer insulated removable liner
  • Elastic at low temperatures

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Warm, modern, high–tech winter boots Torvi -45 °C made of EVA with a non-slip sole TEP are the best solutions for completing your winter look for hunting, fishing or outdoor activities. Boots are resistant to low temperatures, keep their shape perfectly, do not "sit down" over time, do not crack and do not break in the cold or during long-term operation.

The shoe is specially designed for a wide foot and a high lift. Thanks to the wide boot top, the boots are easy to take off and put on without the help of hands. The height of the EVA boot with a cuff is on average 41 cm, which allows you to sit comfortably on winter fishing and move around on icy and snow-covered surfaces. A person sweats, with a difference in air temperature and body temperature, condensation accumulates inside the boot. To remove unnecessary moisture, the bottom of the EVA TORVI -45 °C boot has a cellular structure. This seemingly simple improvement is highly appreciated by fishermen and hunters: the feet continue to stay dry for a long time.

EVA TORVI boots -45°C TEP are comfortable to walk not only because the base material is light and elastic, but also because the edge of the soft liner is higher than the edge of the boot (but below the cuff). The design of the EVA TORVI -45 C TEP boot provides additional inflows in the toe and heel area to protect the foot from accidental bumps.

Thick winter soles of EVA TORVI -45 C boots with inserts of non-slip TEP soles make it easy to walk on loose and packed snow or ice. These shoes are ideal for boys and men +16, who are fond of hunting, fishing, tourism, sports and other active recreation, who appreciate practicality (these boots do not need to be specially cared for), convenience (there is a removable insert that dries easily and quickly) and the economic component of this product. The ratio of high quality and affordable price makes Torvi boots -45° With TEP a profitable purchase. Each pair is packed in an individual branded box and equipped with tags with information on the rules of care and operation of Torvi -45°C EVA boots with a TEP sole.

Equipment sponsor of the Russian national team in fishing sport