Thermal boots made of EVA material with a multi-layer interchangeable liner
  • Boot
    Solid EVA
  • Liner
    8-layer warm sandwich of Arctivic system
    Composition of the T -60° C liner
  • Temperature of use
    Down to -60° C
  • Average height
    41 cm
  • Average weight
    850 g
  • Individual box
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  • 40/41
  • 42
  • 43
  • 44
  • 45
  • 46
  • 47/48
Explore the world in comfort!
  • Suitable for extremely cold weather conditions
  • Solid waterproof boots
  • Multilayer insulated removable liner
  • Elastic at low temperatures
  • Very easy

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Boots made of EVA TORVI -60° C - shoes that are designed for work and leisure in conditions of extremely low negative temperatures. When the thermometer falls far below the zero mark, a special model of TORVI EVA boots with temperature index -60° C will help you out.

EVA boots made for extremely low temperatures must meet several requirements. First of all, they must be waterproof. Boots for work and leisure from EVA TORVI -60° С are not affected by moisture, not only because their top is made of modern polymer - EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), but also because they are solid and have neither glued nor sewn seams. In general, EVA is a practical and inexpensive material. It is durable, warm, elastic, lightweight and retains all its properties at low temperatures.

Boots designed for work and leisure in low temperatures should be comfortable. Boots from EVA TORVI -60° C have a "felt" form, they are easy to take off and put on handless. They have a wide shoe and free bootleg. In addition, these shoes match the size declared by the manufacturer. EVA boots TORVI -60° С have additional protective layers in the toe and heel area, as well as a special, cellular structure of the bottom of the boot - moisture formed due to the difference in body and air temperatures accumulates in it. This option allows you to always keep your feet dry, so it will be highly appreciated by those who enjoy winter hunting and fishing.

An important advantage of these boots made of EVA is that the warm liner is above the edge of the boot, but below the cuff. In EVA TORVI -60° С boots designed for work and leisure it is comfortable to sit and walk: the upper part made of EVA does not rub the shin. The cuff of EVA TORVI -60° С boots, just like the shoes, is waterproof and has a special tightening to prevent the snow getting inside.

The sole is equipped with a thought-out deep protector that allows you to be confident on any surfaces, including ice. This is the most important feature for those loving winter hunting and fishing, as well as for people of special professions, for example, rescuers who sometimes have to work in extreme conditions.

Special attention is given to the warmed replaceable liner of EVA TORVI -60° C boots, which reliably retains the warmth of the human body. It consists of 7 layers: two layers of foil, two layers of non-woven modern cloth from highly wavy fibers, a layer of non-woven flax fibers, a polymer layer of a spongy structure, and a hypoallergenic knitted fabric. Each layer performs its function, and together they create a “sandwich”, which becomes a reliable barrier between the human body and the external environment.

EVA TORVI -60° C boots are the perfect solution for extreme weather conditions.

Equipment sponsor of the Russian national team in fishing sport