Production Company MAKA LLC ships products both on the ex-works terms and with the help of all Russian and international transport companies.

Upon calculating the cost of transportation please consider the parameters of group packaging:

 NameEnclosureDimensions (cm)Volume  (m3)Average weight (kg)
Torvi Viking Jackets5 bags with liners for 1 model      of 1 size35х40хх360,054,9
Torvi Flippers sizes S, M30,5х30,5х36,50,031,43
Torvi Flippers sizes L, XL35,5х38,5х38,50,052
Torvi City boots42х70х330,095
Torvi Universal Boots, Torvi T-25C all sizes55х70х430,169
Torvi Liman Boots all sizes55х70х430,1610,5
Torvi Overalls Perekat all sizes54х76х410,1714,5
Torvi Onega Women's boots all sizes48х67х340,117,6
Torvi T-45C boots all sizes53,3х76х410,1711
Torvi T-60C boots sizes 40-44
Torvi T-60C boots sizes 45-4856,6х76х51,50,2212
Liners for T-45C and T-60C boots5 bags with liners for 1 model
of 1 size
Liners for T+25C
Fishing circlesFishing circles 12 boxes
(10 circles in each)
Equipment sponsor of the Russian national team in fishing sport