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Torvi City EVA boots - urban model of unisex shoes for the off-season. The warm liner for the Torvi CITY shoe model is made from modern polymer and hypoallergenic fabric. All layers of material reliably cut off external cold and conserve heat.
  • Liner
    warm with hypoallergenic fabric
  • Temperature of use
    down to -10 ° C
  • Average weight
    280 g
  • Top
    Solid EVA
  • Average height
    18 cm
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Explore the world in comfort!
  • Suitable for extremely cold weather conditions
  • Solid waterproof boots
  • Multilayer insulated removable liner
  • Elastic at low temperatures
  • Very easy

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Torvi City EVA boots is an urban model of shoes for the off-season, designed for both men and women and, of course, for teenagers. They are made of lightweight, warm and elastic EVA material, and are equipped with a lightweight insert made of modern polyester foam with a hypoallergenic fabric. Together, the EVA boot and liner provide reliable protection against cold in the offseason, when ice or mix of snow and water are under your feet.

Torvi City EVA boots are comfortable when walking. Firstly, because the EVA material is elastic and absorbs well when moving. Secondly, the shoes take the anatomical shape of the foot arch into account and are designed according to domestic features: wide foot and high instep. Thirdly, Torvi City EVA boots have a steady sole with a tread deep enough for the off-season.

In addition, it is very important to remove moisture, which always occurs when there is a temperature difference inside the shoe and outside of it. Everyone knows that, for example, in rubber shoes, your feet quickly become wet. In order to remove the moisture, the Torvi City EVA boots have special cells, which have already become a proprietary feature of TORVI shoes.

Finally, Torvi City EVA boots are versatile. They do not require special care such as leather shoes. Their EVA surfaces are easy to clean, and the inner liner with the hypoallergenic fabric is easy to dry at room temperature.

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