EVA boots (Thermo boots) with a multi-layer replaceable liner
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  • 40/41
  • 42
  • 43
  • 44
  • 45
  • 46
  • 47/48
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  • Suitable for extremely cold weather conditions
  • Solid waterproof boots
  • Multilayer insulated removable liner
  • Elastic at low temperatures
  • Very easy

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EVA boots (Thermo boots) are special shoes designed for those who appreciate winter recreation, those who love winter hunting and fishing, and for those who live or work in areas of low temperatures.

TORVI -45° C hunting and fishing boots are the boots for all the above activities. They are light and warm.

The outer part of the boots is made of lightweight, waterproof and elastic EVA material, and the inner interchangeable liner is made of multi-layered warm fabric, therefore EVA boots TORVI -45° C reliably protect the human body from moisture and cold. They are comfortable to walk in and to sit in.

Why are the EVA boots TORVI -45° C comfortable?

The size of the EVA boots exactly matches the size of the feet. If a person has the size 44, the size 44 of EVA TORVI -45° C boots will suit him.

The shoe is designed specifically for wide foot and high instep. Thanks to the wide tops, the boots are easy to take off and put on handless. The height of an EVA boot with a cuff is 41 cm on average, i.e. it is a type of Russian short boots in which it is comfortable to sit during winter fishing. It is also comfortable to walk in EVA boots TORVI -45° C not only because the EVA material is light and elastic, but also because the edge of the soft liner is above the edge of the boot (but below the cuff). Thus, EVA does not traumatize a person's lower leg.

The EVA boot TORVI -45° C design provides additional nodules in the toe and heel to protect the feet from accidental bumps.

Thick winter outsole and an elaborate EVA TORVI boot protector -45° C make it easy to walk both on loose and compacted snow or ice.

Condensate accumulates inside a boot at a difference of air temperature and body temperature as the person sweats. In order to remove unwanted moisture, the bottom of the EVA boots TORVI -45° C has a cellular structure. This simple, at first glance, improvement is highly appreciated by fishermen and hunters: the legs remain dry for a long period of time.

Replaceable warm liner in EVA boots TORVI -45° C consists of several types of material. This entire multi-layered “sandwich” works to protect against external cold, preserve body heat, unwanted moisture and preserves the comfort of walking.

TORVI -45° C hunting and fishing boots are created so that you could enjoy winter recreation in nature, get maximum pleasure from winter adventures and spend time with comfort.

Equipment sponsor of the Russian national team in fishing sport